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fleas and ticks: hiding, lurking and ready to attack
flea closeup
flea closeup  

Where do fleas and ticks live?

You may not see them, but they're there.

Fleas and ticks can be nestled in hiding places inside and out without you ever knowing it. See below for some of their more common hideouts:

  • On other pets and animals
  • Around shrubbery and bushes in your backyard where other infested animals frequent

In addition, developing stages of fleas may be lurking out of sight:

  • In carpets, floors and sofas of your home

That's why you need flea & tick protection like FRONTLINE brand products that can attack fleas and ticks on your pet. Anything less just won't do.

That's why you need protection like FRONTLINE brand products Anything less just won't do.


The flea life cycle—break it, or else.

Flea infestations start with just 2 fleas laying hundreds of flea eggs within a matter of days.1 FRONTLINE brand products prevents an infestation by not only killing adult fleas—which comprise only 5% of the total flea population—but also by killing flea eggs and larvae too.1

This diagram demonstrates the 4 main stages of the common flea life cycle including flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas.1

The 4 Stages of the Flea Life Cycle

flea life cycle

Fleas infesting your pet. Invading your home.
In no time.

Slide from left to right to see how quickly fleas can lay eggs and reproduce.

Flea Eggs1:

Day 0

Day 21

Flea bites can lead to diseases.

These nibbles start out as a simple itch but can lead to a wide range of diseases or other parasites, including:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)3
  • Anemia3
  • Tapeworm4
  • Rickettsiosis5

These conditions can deprive your pet of energy, cause skin problems or adversely affect your pet’s health in a number of ways.


Identify some of the common US ticks.6

white tick

Ticks are disgusting and can be dangerous. Don't let their tiny size fool you—ticks are menacing creatures. Once they burrow into your pet's skin, they may transmit life-threatening diseases.

See below for some of the most common tick-borne diseases7:

  • Lyme disease
  • Babesiosis
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Ehrlichiosis
grey arrow
lonestar tick american tick deer tick brown tick western tick  
  • Primarily found in the southeastern, eastern US.

  • Found east of the Rocky Mountains and in limited areas on the Pacific Coast.

  • Commonly found in the southeastern, northeastern, mid-Atlantic and upper midwestern states.

  • Found throughout the United States.

  • Usually found in the Pacific coast of the US.

grey arrow

Other Flea and Tick Protection Tips

To keep your pet even more protected, take aim at fleas and ticks in and around your home. Here are a few tips:

  • Periodically, wash your pet’s bed cover in hot water and dry it on a high heat setting to kill any flea eggs and larvae
  • Make your yard less appealing to ticks by cutting grass short and eliminating brush piles
  • Vacuum frequently in your home, especially carpets where your pet tends to lounge
  • Cover up all outside crawl spaces and garbage cans to deter wildlife that may carry fleas and ticks


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